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About Us
The Illuminati

Who are The Illuminati?

We're a casual Republic guild focused on a little bit of everything including roleplaying, PvP, and PvE content. We are open to all types of players who want to join. Our primary goal is just to have fun as a group, making the most out of the most out of the awesome social atmosphere Bioware has created.

So what do you guys do?

We do a bit of everything. Our guild leader, Buruk, is a bit of a PvP nut, but we have other members with other pursuits too. Mainly right now we help a lot of our members finish leveling to the endgame. Roleplaying happens frequently too, as well as the occasional flashpoint. Since few of our members are level 50, we haven't done many ops, but we're not opposed to doing them assuming we have the manpower.

So what kind of players should join?

Any mature player looking for a good time is welcome! We do have a code that you should read to see our specific rules. Otherwise, we accept any and all types of players. Whether you like to run flashpoints all day or if you have to have your PvP fix, you're welcome here. On the other hand, we are not looking for trolls, elitist snobs, or any other type of internet riffraff.

What guild features do you have?

We have this website for one thing. This includes a guild calendar, forums, and various other communication. We do not at this time have any voice chat set up. Please note that while we do have plans for this to happen sometime in the guild future, it will not happen soon. Do not ask when it will happen; it will come when it does. If you wish to use a third party voice chat system, it is not forbidden, we simply do not require it.

Sounds great! Sign me up!

The admission process involves an application that can be found by clicking on the "Apply" button in the top-right corner of your screen. Furthermore, all applicants must be interviewed by a member of Command in-game.