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Guild Bank!

Buruk / Jan 22, 2013
Greetings Illuminati!

As you know, we're working on getting a guild bank so we can start sharing and splitting up loot between guild members. However, it costs 600k to purchase a guild bank and we're a little short on cash right now. If you have credits to spare and are interested in getting a guild bank, you can send credits to Buruk. Once we have enough to buy the bank, all extra credits left over will be deposited in the guild bank.

And while I'm announcing news, I'd like to point out some of the new content added to the website. First off, we have two warzone guides up--Alderaan Civil War and Ancient Hypergates. The guide to Huttball is currently underway, though it is taking slightly longer than previous warzones due to the number of possible strategies.

Second, we've got a lot of new media added by Breesam. She's posted two SWTOR music videos and several screenshots of Tatooine, which you should check out whenever you have time.

Finally, we've been adding several new Forum threads in varied sections. If you have a minute or two, check them out. If you have an idea for a thread, go ahead and post it; we're trying to get the ball rolling on discussion. Even if you post your thread in the wrong category, that's ok. The admins can take care of the organization for now.

~Draar Solus~


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